GoPro is an American company with the central office located in San Mateo, California. The company manufactures high-definition sport action cameras. GoPro is a leader on the market of mini-cameras for the extreme sports, having released 5 models of cameras including a few accessories that make the process of shooting more convenient. Besides cameras and accessories, the company released a mobile app that allows remotely taking photos and shooting videos, browsing the pictures and the clips, uploading them to the social networks and browsing through others’ uploads featuring in the Photo of the Day feed.


The company does not have an official version of the app for portable gadgets, such as Apple Watch. It is worth noting, though, that such an app, if developed, would fit perfectly the general concept of the brand – be a hero, scale new summits and explore incredible depths. In that sense the smart watch is a handy gadget for recording and browsing through pictures and video clips that a user shoots with his GoPro camera.

However, from the moment of the Apple Watch release up until now, the company has not yet presented its version of the app for portable gadgets. For that reason, I saw as a personal challenge trying to develop a concept for the Apple Watch app, that which would combine the convenience of portable gadgets, the functionality of the existing app for iOS and the corporate identity of the brand GoPro.


The basic outlines of the future app were sketched out on paper, as I came up with the main functions and thought out their mechanics within the context of the future app. Further, I created mock-ups in Sketch as I marked schematically the functionality and all the structure of the app. I tried to put an increased focus on feelings that are to arise in a user when he actually interacts with the app as I brought the existing functionality to an even more perfect state and “polished” the general design features.


I designed unique vector art images in order to “represent” different sections of the app. Besides, the design of every screen is connected to the design of other screens creating one long illustration. These illustrations are static, except for Photo of the Day, which features the best picture of a particular day including the avatar of the user who uploaded it.


In Photo or Video mode your camera takes one shot photo or video without time limits or intervals.

In Photo Burst mode your camera takes multiple photos in short time intervals-3 photos/1 second, 5 photos/1 second, etc.

Time Lapse mode captures a series of photos at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals.

My Media mode works as a gallery, where you can look at your photo and video shots or share them in social networks.


I tried to make this section as minimalistic as I could. In order to do this I kept only the most relevant aspect, which is the media mosaic that features the type of a media- photo or video. As a user clicks on a concrete file, he can see a full-screen image/video on his Apple Watch and share it via the most popular social networks, or via email and sms.


This section is directly connected to the GoPro servers that store users’ media files, while the GoPro team on a daily basis posts a photo that it considers the best photo of the day. Besides, I connected this section to the GoPro Channel, the official YouTube channel of the company. What it means is that a user can check out not only the best photos but also the best videos of users from all over the world.


For this section, I drew all the existing models of the GoPro camera, including designing them in a form of icons. The purpose of this was to make choosing a camera and connecting it to Apple Watch more convenient.

Depending on the status of the camera, the text under its image changes from Searching for GoPro devices to the name of a connected camera (the name of the camera can be changed in the Settings section of the app).


This must be the most “massive” section of the app, as it includes all the settings that a user may need for the convenient use of both the app and the camera. For clarity, all the screens of the Settings section can be divided into main screens (those featuring the main blocks, which are Resolution, Frame, Rate, Looping, Wi-Fi and others) and inner screens of the main blocks. For the main screens, I designed icons that represent every respective section and simplify surfing through Settings.